Just like some people think that their own kids can do no wrong and that the sun shines out of their rear-parts, there are some colon cleansers that seem to be able to change the world with just one dose—and with all natural ingredients too.

But because we naturally have a hard time believing things that just sound too good to be true, we decided to take a closer look at Colopril to see if it really is larger than life, or if it’s just another bloated hyperbole.


Although Colopril claims to be able to do everything from increase your sex drive to clear your acne, we were definitely impressed with quite a few ingredients in its formula.

Oat Bran and Psyllium, for example, are both very beneficial sources of water soluble fiber and have been found to absorb large amounts of water, therefore increasing the bulk and mobility of your intestinal waste, facilitating your body’s natural removal.

Colopril also has ingredients like Garlic which act as natural antibiotics, helping you gently and naturally fight infections before they turn into real problems that could require medical attention.

In addition, we also saw a good amount of Ginger which has been shown to soothe an upset stomach. Since the colon cleansing process often leaves your stomach upset, it is good to look for a supplement that has ingredients that will also help repair any damage they’ve done.


Unfortunately, Colopril also has ingredients that have been seen to have such a negative impact on the body that we doubt even Ginger would be able to reverse their effects.

Cascara Sagrada and Fennel are stimulant laxatives and have both been banned by the FDA and are both in Colopril’s formula.

Because these ingredients work to stimulate the muscles of the intestines, if you have any sort of blockage in your GI tract, Colopril will most likely cause you bloating and intense abdominal pain.

On the other hand, Colopril could also cause diarrhea if you don’t have anything blocking your system of waste because the muscles are often stimulated to work too fast and eliminate waste before it is ready.

Our Opinion

Because Colopril will most likely make you sicker than it will actually improve your health, we can’t recommend this colon cleanser. Despite popular opinion, there are many supplements that can cleanse your colon without putting you at risk for diarrhea and gas.

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