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Acai Berry Detox Review

The manufacturers of Acai Berry Detox claim that this is a colon cleanser to be able to cleanse away up to 25lbs of waste and toxins from your intestinal tract.

They also say that Acai Berry Detox can boost your weight loss, assist you in maintaining that weight loss, elevating your energy levels and giving you an overall feeling of wellness.

Acai Berry Detox is also advertised as being able to improve your digestive system’s function, increase your mental alertness, and lower your cholesterol.

That is an awful lot to promise, but the makers of Acai Berry Detox are confident that this colon cleanser’s use of the superfood acai berry can deliver all this benefits and more.

Can Acai Berry Detox really do all this? Is there anything about it that sets it apart from the leading colon cleanser, Colovexus?

Taking a closer look at this product will shed a little more light on the situation.

How Does Acai Berry Detox Actually Work?

The Acai Berry Detox formula is very simple, containing only five ingredients.

One of these ingredients is, obviously, an acai berry extract. Acai has long been lauded for its qualities as an antioxidant, but it is unfortunately unlikely that the berry can have a significant effect on actually cleaning out your colon–it will protect you from damage from free radicals, but it probably won’t be that efficient at making your bowel movements more regular.

The other four ingredients in the Acai Berry Detox formula are all primarily weight loss ingredients: Chromium, which helps regulate your blood sugar metabolism, green tea, which has shown the ability to speed up your metabolism and increase your energy, a separate dosage of caffeine, and L-Theanine, which is a water soluble amino acid that can supposedly help with weight loss.

Unfortunately, these particular weight loss ingredients work best when combined with other, stronger fat burners or appetite suppressants; these will really just give you major energy boosts.

Should You Try Acai Berry Detox?

The truth is that in order for a detox program to work, it needs to be able to eliminate waste that has been caught in the body. It does this by speeding up the body’s natural waste processes and by helping your body experience more frequent bowel movements.

A good cleanse will also be able to break down toxins for faster elimination, and, unfortunately, Acai Berry Detox is just not capable of accomplishing any of these things.

Instead, we think that if you are serious about cleansing your system, you should try Colonetix. This is the top-rated colon cleanser for a reason–it really works and will really help you feel completely rejuvenated. To learn more about it, visit the official Colovexus website at

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