Artificial Sweeteners and Weight Gain

Artificial Sweeteners and Weight Gain

artificial sweeteners and weight gain

For years, people have battled between artificial sweeteners and conventional sugar sources.

The battle has only become intensified by recent legislation by New York City’s mayor Michael Bloomberg who has “called for a ban on the sale of supersized sodas and other sugar drinks at restaurants, entertainment venues and even street carts.”

This ban is said to respond to over half of the adults in New York being overweight; as many as 70% in New York’s poorest borough, the Bronx.

Even though most adults realize that the sugary drinks are negatively influencing many areas of their health, most noticeable being their waistlines, sales for soda and other sweet foods continue to rise.

Your Body Is Genetically Engineered to Crave Sweet

For humans who lived even one hundred years ago, getting as many calories as possible was the main object of eating, whether they realized it or not.

Now, however, with the influx in cheap foods that are high in calories and low in nutrition, dieters find it harder and harder to choose foods that both taste satisfying and won’t break their diet.

Sugar Alternatives Get Mixed Reviews

In an effort to indulge their sweet tooth without feeling too guilty, more and more people are turning to artificial sweeteners.

With products like Splenda, Sweet’N Low and Equal on tables in restaurants everywhere and “diet” sodas promising to be sugar free, it is no surprise that artificial sweeteners gross $1.5 billion a year.

However, it might be surprising to hear that these artificial sweeteners aren’t guaranteed to be safe. After lab rats that gorged on the sweetener saccharin, which is found in Sweet’N Low, developed bladder cancer in the 1970’s there has been much speculation on the safety of these sweeteners.

Despite this speculation, the FDA has categorized most artificial sweeteners as “generally recognized as safe,” but not guaranteed.

Alternatives to Sugar Alternatives

Rather than take the risk that these low-calorie sugar substitutes are indeed safe, many people are turning to other methods for reducing their intake of calorie-rich, sugary foods.

Weight loss pills have been developed that help balance your insulin levels and reduce your cravings/appetite for sugary foods.

You can find out more by visiting, and read articles, reviews, product information and tips on some of the industry’s most popular diet aids.

Eliminate Sweets without Missing Much

Unlike fats, which your body does need in moderation, sugar doesn’t offer the body any nutrients other than pure energy.

For most Americans, reducing their intake of energy by cutting out sugar could be exactly what their diets need. Not only has Mayor Bloomberg been cracking down on adult weight gain, but mayors all over the country are mirroring Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” anti-obesity campaign.

But the bottom line is, whether you choose to use sugar, sugar alternatives, or supplements that help you eschew sweet foods altogether, getting healthier has to be a lifestyle choice rather than a quick fix.

To read more about how to incorporate more healthful fruits and vegetables into your diet, read this article on cleansing smoothies.

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