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Care4Colon Review

“The average person has 10-25 pounds of waste and toxins built up in their colon.” This is just one of many statements that sends people scurrying to businesses like Care4Colon.

Care4Colon performs colon hydrotherapy, which flushes waste and toxins from the body. A clean colon is essential for good health, digestive function, and nutrient absorption.

The original statement about waste is just not true. But it is true the colon needs cleansing from time to time. The question is: should you pay Care4Colon a visit?

What Is Care4Colon?

There is very little information about Care4Colon online. The company doesn’t have a website, but it does have a Better Business Bureau listing.

I searched Google maps for Care4Colon location, but nothing came up. However, lists Care4Colon’s address as…

8004 NW 154 St. #585
Miami Lakes, FL 33016

Care4Colon is not BBB accredited, which isn’t an issue — most companies don’t seek BBB accreditation. But I was concerned by the C rating BBB gave Care4Colon.

The rating was lowered because BBB couldn’t find sufficient information on the company. The rating was raised because the company resolved a complaint that was filed through BBB.

Care4Colon’s phone number is (855) 254-7812.

How Does Colon Hydrotherapy Work?

During colon hydrotherapy, the rectum and colon are flushed with warm water. The water gently removes toxins, impurities, waste, and other substances from the colon. The procedure is similar to an enema, but more sophisticated. Also, colon hydrotherapy cleanses more surface area than an enema can.

A visit to Care4Colon could last up to 1 hour. During the procedure, the patient lies on his or her side on a table. A device attached to a tube is gently inserted into the rectum. An irrigation machine then pumps warm water through the tube into the colon. Once waste materials are dislodged, a second tube draws the waste materials out.

The colon therapist can change the water temperature and pressure for the patient’s comfort. Although water is typically used, some colon therapists give patients the following options:

• Water with baking soda
• Herbal teas
• Water with enzymes
• Coffee
• Water with beneficial bacteria (e.g. probiotics)

Unfortunately, the options available at Care4Colon are not advertised.

A single procedure doesn’t take 1 hour, but the procedure is usually repeated during a session. Some colon therapists also take 15-20 minutes to do a consultation with the patient.

Is the Procedure Safe?

When done properly, colon hydrotherapy is a safe way to cleanse the colon. However, improper techniques may cause the rectum to tear or bleed. This is less likely to happen in patients with healthy colons.

Some health professionals don’t believe colon hydrotherapy is necessary. It might even be dangerous if it dehydrates the colon or upsets fluid, bacterial, and electrolyte balance. These issues can usually be avoided if you visit a trained, expert colon therapist.

I’m not sure if Care4Colon employs licensed colon therapists.

The Price

The price for a colon hydrotherapy session ranges from $55 to $95, according to the Colon Therapists Network.

Colon hydrotherapy isn’t usually covered by medical insurance because it’s considered “alternative medicine.”


There are benefits to colon hydrotherapy when it’s done properly by an expert therapist. However, I’m not sure if Care4Colon is the best place to go for colon hydrotherapy. I just don’t know enough about the company or its employees. I do know Care4Colon is not the only place to go for colon hydrotherapy. So, I recommend looking around at other options in your area.

Or if you are looking for a safer way to get rid of intestinal waste, you might be interested in a natural colon cleanser. The majority of these products work with your body’s system for natural elimination to cut down side effects while still delivering results.

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