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Cleanse FX Review

Cleanse FX is a relatively new colon cleanse supplement that offers to “clear the way for a flatter stomach.”

Advertisements assert Cleanse FX increases energy and helps you feel lighter by eliminating bloating, gas, and water retention.

Better still, some sites offer Cleanse FX as part of a trial period: all you have to do is pay for shipping and if you don’t like your results, you can cancel for a full refund.

Yet is there more to this cleanse than meets the eye?

What’s Under the Lid?

Cleanse FX, like any other supplement, needs to have reliable, clinically proven ingredients to provide reliable, clinically proven results.

Unfortunately, is sparse on the details, and even fails to provide an ingredient label for consumers.

With a little digging, I found a “review” site,, that lists the following ingredients:

Cascara Sagrada. Cascara contains chemicals which stimulate the bowel, creating a laxative effect. In the past, it was approved by the FDA as an over-the-counter treatment for constipation. However, growing concerns about its safety and effectiveness resulted in the FDA’s removal of all OTC laxatives containing this product. [1]

Aloe Vera. Aloe vera latex reduces constipation, but it also causes diarrhea. In a double-blind trial, men and women who received aloe vera experienced more frequent bowel movements, though abdominal pain was not reduced. [2]

Psyllium Husk. Psyllium fiber is typically used to treat constipation due to its ability to optimize stool bulk and cause movement in the intestines. Additionally it increased the amount of water in the stool, making it easier to pass. Unfortunately, it may decrease absorption of other medications you may be taking. [3]

Fennel. While fennel is traditionally used to relax the colon and treat various digestive problems, WebMD experts assert there is insufficient clinical evidence to support this use. [4]

Alfalfa. Alfalfa seeds are clinically proven to regulate serum cholesterol concentrations in patients with type II hyperlipoproteinemia. [5] However, I found no studies supporting its use for detoxification.

Horsetail. Horsetail is traditionally used to reduce fluid retention and disturbances in the kidney and bladder. While similar plants have this function, experts are unsure if horsetail has this effect due to inconclusive evidence. [6]

Unfortunately, I have no idea if these ingredients are accurate or in what amounts they are used. This makes me question the efficacy and safety of the formula, so you’ll want to exercise caution before trying Cleanse FX.

Should You Worry About Side Effects?

Some cleanses are safe to take and cause few, if any side effects; unfortunately, Cleanse FX is not one of these formulas.

While it may be safe for some users, Cleanse FX contains ingredients which are known to cause cramping, abdominal pain, and increased bowel movements. Furthermore, it contains cascara which should not be used for longer than two weeks, as long-term use causes dehydration, heart problems, muscle weakness, and other side effects. [1]

Is Cleanse FX Affordable?

A 14 day trial bottle of Cleanse FX is available from for $9.95, which covers shipping and handling.

While this may look like a great deal at first, be sure to read the fine print.

According to the site, you have 18 days from your original order date to decide if it is right for you. This starts from the day you enter your credit card information, not the day you receive your product. It may be possible that you have to cancel your order before the product even gets to you to ensure you aren’t charged full price for the bottle.

If you do not cancel your trial period, you will be charged the full price of $82.61 for the bottle you receive, and you will be enrolled in an auto-ship program that ships you additional bottles (charging you the full price each time) every 30 days.

While you may cancel your membership at any time by contacting customer service at 1-888-608-9756, many users struggle to receive any form of refund for bottles they never ordered.
For example, one user at shares the following experience:

“I asked that they gave me a full refund and I would send it back, as I did not want to pay $90 for products that did not work for me. They hesitatingly agreed, but I had to return the bottle, which cost some time and $10 shipping.

Then my Mastercard bill came in, and I realized I had been billed two $95 payments — one for the “free trial”, one for the next shipment that had come in the mail. I pleaded with them, saying that the first lady had agreed that I shouldn’t have to pay $90 for two products that didn’t work for me (half-price each for the trials) … where in essence I was ending up paying $150 for these two little sample bottled!

They said no. I talked to a manager, he said no. So I ended up paying $150 for products that don’t work.”

Not exactly a positive experience.

Is Cleanse FX a Good Choice?

Cleanse FX has a few laxative ingredients which may cleanse your system, but I can’t be sure due to lack of valid information. (If you have an actual ingredient label to confirm this information, that would be incredibly helpful. )

However, the lack of information, the lack of clinical studies, and the lack of positive customer reviews discussing the product make me question Cleanse FX’s ability to provide reliable, safe results.

Until I know more about Cleanse FX, I don’t feel comfortable recommending it, even if it might work.


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