Cleansing Smoothies- Go Green to Lose Weight

You hear the term, “Go Green” everywhere these days. You are told to recycle, save the earth, buy organic, and conserve energy!

Going green is not just good for the earth though. In fact, if you have been wondering how to lose weight fast, dropping extra pounds could be as easy as going green with a cleansing smoothie.

Many people, including Beyonce, Dr. Oz and Salma Hayek, have been turning to green drinks and smoothies to start their day packed with nutritious cleansing fiber. So, what exactly are green drinks and how will they help you lose weight?

Common Ingredients

‘Green drink’ is not just a clever or environmentally conscious name. The ingredients that go into this healthy drink really do make it green!

Everyone seems to have their own go-to cleansing smoothie recipe, but in most green drinks you will find a variety of leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, or collard greens.

Not so sure about starting your day with what sounds like the makings of a side salad? Not to worry. You can sweeten the pot (or rather, the blender) with some tasty and delicious fruit. Apples, pears, bananas, cucumbers, or your favorite berries can be added to your green drink to make it more palate friendly.

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Why Green is Good

These cleansing green smoothies are literally packed with vitamins and minerals. And, since all of the fruits and vegetables are blended it is like they are “pre-digested,” making all of the good-for-you nutrients more readily available to your body in the same way that Colonetix does!

Guzzling a green filled smoothie is smart not only for your waistline, but also for your overall health. The American Cancer Society actually recommends a diet rich in green vegetables as a way to ward off cancers. Each green drink is filled with antioxidants that help repair damage and combat cancer-causing free radicals.

Eat Green, Lose Weight

By going green in the morning you will not only be able to get your entire fruit and vegetable quota in one swipe (and then some), but you will also be supporting your weight loss efforts.

Your fruit and veggie filled smoothie is high in nutrition, but low in calories! If counting calories is your thing, think about how many you will be saving by drinking a glass of greens (about 200 calories) vs. two slices of French toast (over 500 calories, plus syrup!).

A green smoothie is also very rich in fiber. Not only will fiber help you stay full throughout your morning so that you can avoid the craving for that Snickers pick-me-up, but it also acts as nature’s scrub brush; cleaning out your digestive tract and helping you eliminate more waste.

ColonetixIf you have been wondering how to lose weight fast, drink up! Losing the extra pounds and getting the healthy body you want could be as easy as adding a green, cleansing smoothie to your morning.

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