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Colon Clenz Review

Natural Balance Colon Clenz apparently promotes elimination and internal cleansing with a time tested blend of herbs which are meant to cleanse and sooth the digestive tract.

They relieve occasional irregularity, promote a clean internal environment, and promote regularity with a clean internal environmental. So apparently they say the same exact thing twice.

But outside of that, we would expect that they use probiotic ingredients, cleansers, a few diuretics, etc.

Activia claims to “relieve occasional irregularity.” But their European brand has been found to be lacking in actual proof and was therefore sued essentially speaking for false advertising. Likewise, Colon Clenz provides the same weak claims to cover the fact that they don’t actually have a formula that can deliver results. They don’t use any probiotics actually, any cleansing ingredients, they don’t even use any diuretics, which is the bottom of the line. They only use fillers and small amounts thereof.

Natural Balance Colon Clenz has no potential, no cleansing components, no chance of success. They just provide you with another cheap product full of fillers and nothing else. But then again, what would you really expect from a company relying on grand claims, small claims, and repeating the same thing over and over, as if the first time didn’t make the point.

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