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Core 4 Flush Review

Core 4 Flush by Nutrasciences claims to provide a “detoxification and fat burning sensation!” it is meant to be taken before bedtime to boost fat burning, increase weight loss, decrease bloating, improve digestion, remove toxins, improve nutrient absorption, and restore energy. They claim it uses the science of “nutrient fusion”, and they follow the general claims of a detox.

While all the ingredients in Core 4 Flush are listed as “organic”, it doesn’t really matter how organic they are when they aren’t actually meant to cleanse the colon with only a few exceptions. Moreover, they pack all these ingredients which are for the most part useless, into a tiny proprietary blend that cannot possibly account for the required amounts of each individual ingredient.

Core 4 Flush is not the colon cleansing product you are looking for. It has very few colon cleansing ingredients mixed in with a number of fillers in a tiny proprietary blend. They simply don’t have the stuff required for success. However, if you would like a colon cleanser that is actually meant to work, our top products are affordable and have the right ingredients in the right amounts.

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