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Detox-GuarD & Colon Cleanse II Review

Detox-GuarD & Colon Cleanse II are two separate products brought to you by Oregon Health. They are usually sold in a set, and are meant to be taken together. The Detox-GuarD is a full body detoxifier. It Is meant to combine herbs, enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, probiotics, and other cleansing ingredients to help increase the health of all your major body systems. This is a 15-day cleanse.

The Colon Cleanse II is meant to support the health of the colon. Its ingredients are a mix of fibers, herbs, and enzymes to help remove waste and toxins from your colon. Both Detox-GuarD and Colong Cleanse II are meant to work together to make the most effective colon cleanse.

Product Details

The Detox-GuarD contains some vitamins, but the majority of the ingredients are natural herbal laxatives such as Dandelion root, licorice root, alfalfa leaf, papaya powder, cayenne peppder, and Fenugreek powder. It does contain a few good probiotics, and fibers. The amount of laxatives in this product is very high compared to the other ingredients. This might cancel out the effect that the other ingredients might have.

The Colon Cleanse II has some very similar ingredients as Detox-GuarD. We really don’t see how these two products would do anything different from each other. The ingredients lists are really very similar. In our opinion taking both of these would be too many laxatives and may cause some health issues.

Overall Impression of Detox-GuarD & Colon Cleanse II

Detox-GuarD & Colon Cleanse II are not products that we would recommend by themselves or together. They do actually have some good ingredients, and some useful laxatives. However, the amount of laxatives is very high and will most likely cause the body to pass the other ingredients through without absorbing any of the effects.

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