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Detoxital Review


DetoxitalDetoxital is a controversial colon cleanser from Nutranomics. It was supposed to help clean the colon, kidneys, liver, lungs, and skin through ridding your body of toxins. When searching for this product we could not find any sites that still sold it, and the Nutranomics website was down.

We suspect that it has been discontinued because it contained Cascara Sagrada. A few years ago this ingredients was banned by the FDA because of its links to abdominal pain, diarrhea, and cancer.

Product Details

The fact that we couldn’t find a complete ingredients list for Detoxital provides us with more evidence that this product has been discontinued. There are few laxatives out on the market that are too strong and essentially do more harm than good. Cascara Sagrada works by irritating the colon to stimulate peristalsis. This speeds up digestion, but that is only because the colon wants to get the ingredient out of your body as soon as it can. We do not suggest using any products that contain Cascara Sagrada if it ever comes back on the market. Look for products that use ingredients that have been proven as cleansers, and that will provide a healthier way to cleanse your colon.

Overall Impression of Detoxital

From the little amount of information we have gotten on Detoxital we don’t really think it was ever a successful product. If you can find it for sale somewhere we do not suggest you waste your money. Find products that use safe ingredients, and that don’t rely solely on laxatives.

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