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Dual Action Cleanse Kit Review

Providing you with a flatter abdomen, less bloating, extra energy, and a clean feeling inside, you can find the Dual Action Cleanse Kit sold through third party online retailers as well as through TV infomercials. It was created by Cellular Research Formulas, and they provide you with a two part system meant to “maximize one’s elimination without causing loose stools or uncomfortable cramping.” Its total body purifying system can apparently help you to achieve ultimate success in general terms.

There is no full ingredients list for the Dual Action Cleanse Kit. There are some that say it includes ingredients such as acacia gum, alfalfa leaf, apple pectin, apple powder, barley rice fiber, beet root, fennel seed, garlic, guar gum, gum karaya, lactobacillus acidophilus, lemon peel, mint leaf, oat bran, pau d’arco root, red raspberry leaf, shattered cell wall chlorella, slippery elm bark, and turnip in a 572mg proprietary blend. So it basically means that you don’t get complete quantities on any one ingredient, let alone do you get a full list of ingredients. This is meant do mask a formula that doesn’t work, which is made more obvious by the fact that the ingredients they do use don’t actually contribute to colon cleansing.

The Dual Action Cleanse Kit doesn’t provide you with the full bit of information, worthwhile ingredients, ingredient quantities, ingredient quality, really anything. There is no reason that an even slightly knowledgeable customer would be motivated to buy this product.

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