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Herbal Detox Review

Herbal Detox

herbal detox

Herbal Detox is a colon cleanser that is marketed and manufactured by GNC to help you rid your body of harmful toxins and dangerous pollutants.

Because this product claims to be a quick and easy way to detoxify your body, we decided to look into Herbal Detox to see if it is really more capable than other, slower cleanses out there.

What’s The Hype About Herbal Detox?

Since Herbal Detox is marketed by such a well-known and trusted establishment such as GNC, it was easy for Herbal Detox to remain more popular than other cleansing products.

Its success is also hinged upon its name. Most products with the word “herbal” in their name immediately create the connotation that they are safe and all-natural.

Does It Live Up To The Hype?

Despite the fact that Herbal Detox does indeed use ingredients that have been derived from nature, we can’t agree with its claim to be a safe colon cleanse.

Even though many cleanses use ingredients that are mildly toxic, in order to urge your body to use its own resources for ridding itself of buildup, Herbal Detox uses much more than we think is safe.

One of its ingredients, for example, has even been banned by the FDA. Fennel seed, a stimulant laxative has been proven to be a much more powerful ingredient than the word “herbal” seems to suggest.

Fennel is so powerful, in fact, that it is even used to make the highly alcoholic beverage, absinth. In addition, the fact that it is a stimulant laxative means that it can cause severe abdominal cramping, bloating and diarrhea.

Another ingredient, hydrangea root, is also not as docile as it might appear. All parts of the hydrangea plant include cyanogenic glycosides which means that they release the toxic hydrogen cyanide.

Does It Have Any Redeeming Qualities?

Unfortunately not. Not only is Herbal Detox a colon cleanser that skirts far too close to the line of dangerous, but it is also a very expensive product. At $44.95 for just one week’s worth, we cannot recommend GNC’s Herbal Detox.

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