How to Do A Cleanse Diet

How to Do A Cleanse Diet Effectively

Want to start your diet off with a body cleanse but don’t know how to go about finding which one will be effective but won’t kill you? Here are some tips that will help you decide which detoxifying cleanse will be best for your body.

Don’t Look for Huge Results

First and foremost, a body cleanse should be able to increase the health of your body, not decrease it. So when you see a cleanse that promises you will lose 50 pounds in a week, they’re either lying to you, or you’re probably going to be losing some organs in this cleanse as well as fat.

The sad truth is that your body wasn’t made to burn fat as rapidly as you want to shed it. But because so many people want to lose weight and lose it now, many cleanses are forced to promise results that are bigger than life.

But the huge promises aren’t surprising when you consider than 1 in 20 women said they would rather give up a limb than be obese, according to a study in the journal: Obesity. Nevertheless, these products that claim to be able to transform you overnight are not effective and most likely not safe to use.

Avoid Fasting

Many body cleanses claim that avoiding food or drink for 24 hrs. to a couple of days will help you eliminate waste and toxins on your own. However, this method will only increase the amount of toxins that you have in your body.

Even the most novice nutritionists know that abstaining from water will leave your system clogged with impurities and will inhibit your kidneys from filtering your blood correctly. But a lack of food can also have its negative ramifications.

When your body is no longer able to take energy from the food that you eat, its first place to look for food is in your muscle stores. This is called ketosis, because the breakdown of glycogen leaves an elevated level of ketone bodies in your system. For this reason, you might have noticed that your breath starts to stink when you’ve gone without food for a while.

So rather than let your hydration levels dip too low, or your ketone levels go to high, we recommend finding a cleanse that allows you to eat enough calories that your blood sugar levels stay up and your body is able to function as efficiently as possible.

Look for Natural Ingredients

Unfortunately, there are many cleanse diets that will pump your body full of diuretics like caffeine and harsh laxatives that will have you locked in the bathroom all day. Even though promoting digestive health is undoubtedly one of the most popular benefits of a cleanse, you don’t have to have an enema to clean your digestive system.
Instead, look for natural ingredients like water soluble fibers and healthy bacteria that improve the natural ability of your body to eliminate waste. Rather than fight against your system, work with it to achieve better results.

The bottom line is that when you’re trying to decide which cleanse diet is going to be the most effective, make sure that your health is most important; no matter how many pounds you’re promised to shed.

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