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Nature’s Secret Super Cleanse Review

Offered by multiple online retailers such as evitamins and Amazon, Nature’s Secret Super Cleanse apparently contains “13 historically utilized ingredients in a synergistic formula that is recommended by natural practitioners.” It can be found at just $10.39, and they claim it will enhance digestion and colon health, using a gentle yet firm formula. There is at one ingredient known as lactobacillus acidophilus, which will promote better digestive health as well as some detoxifiers and diuretics.

However, we would expect to see more cleansing ingredients in place of diuretics. Nature’s Secret Super Cleanse has quite a few diuretics and few useful ingredients. There are also some such as marshmallow powder that really have no application. Finally they use a small proprietary blend to cover quite a few ingredients. With most cleansers, they reveal the quantities of every ingredient, because cleansing ingredients really are extremely affordable for the manufacturers. So there is no reason for them to cut back on quantities and therefore cut back on results. But apparently there’s a first for everything, and in this case Nature’s Secret Super Cleanse is it.

There is really no valid application for Nature’s Secret Super Cleanse. It sets itself up really only to work as a colon cleanser. But then it uses a proprietary blend to cover a few select ingredients that could actually provide a cleansing effect mixed with quite a few others that blatantly won’t. We would not advise using this product as a cleanse or anything else.

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