Preventing Colon Cancer

Preventing Colon Cancer: Do Natural Cancer Treatments Actually Work?

A health rumor that has recently been spread is that regularly cleansing your colon can help prevent colon cancer. According to the Familial Colon Cancer Study Colon cancer is the 3rd most often diagnosed cancer in the world and affects 1 in 17 Americans. This is an astounding number, and although there are several different factors that can play into the contraction of colon cancer, including: genetic history, lifestyle, and diet, the question still remains , can participating in frequent colon cleansing keep you from being the 1 in 17 who is going to have to fight colon cancer?

Is There a Correlation Between Diet and Cancer?

Our bodies and digestive systems were designed to efficiently process the food we eat, but not necessarily the non-food ingredients– fillers, preservatives, and artificial coloring–that are so often packed into the food we eat lately. Instead of going to the market everyday to purchase fresh food, we stock up on bulk items and get our hamburger meat shipped from across the country. Our food used to have a shelf life of a few days and now it has a shelf life of a few years. Cancer rates have also continued to increase simultaneously. Is this because detection abilities are more advanced, or is there a link between a processed, low fiber diet and cancer?

The Idea Behind Colon Cleansing

Our bodies are being bombarded with toxic chemicals every single day and no matter how clean you eat or how tucked away in the mountains your house is, you are going to have toxins in your system. According to a study done in Washington, even babies are being born with toxins in their umbilical cord blood. These toxins come from pollution, cigarette smoke, chemicals in the processed foods we eat (usually the ingredients you can’t pronounce on the label), the pesticides our produce is sprayed with, the soil that our food is grown in, etc. As our bodies take in these toxins our digestive systems that are supposed to process them become overwhelmed and the toxins begin to buildup within the folds of our colons. The surface area of the colon is what absorbs vitamins and water, and if toxins are covering this surface area, than our absorption rates will decrease and the toxins will begin to seep into our blood steam and therefore into the rest of our bodies. Fiber is an essential nutrient that would usually pull these toxins from the sides of our colon, but many the majority of American’s diets come up quite short when it comes to this essential nutrient.

Most colon cleanses use a detox process that involves incorporating large amounts of fiber into the diet and using anti-oxidant ingredients (like fruits, vegetables, herbs, and greens) to rid your system of these toxic poisons.

In the Colon Cancer Information Library, a new scientific consensus statement is being discussed as a preventative measure for colon cancer. Aside from getting regular screenings after the age of 50, the American Health Foundation agree that “colon cancer could be largely prevented if people would add more fiber to their diet.” A lot of the foods we believe to be high in fiber just aren’t, and Dr. Slavin from the American Dietetic Association recommends that, “in addition to fruits and vegetables, Americans should get 2 servings of foods high in fiber a day, especially cereal products that contain 5 or more grams of dietary fiber per serving.” In order to keep a healthy colon, 25 grams of fiber should be consumed daily, whether from natural sources or from a colon cleanse supplement.

Methods of Colon Cleansing for Cancer Prevention

Although very few scientific studies have come outright and stated that colon cleansing will keep you from getting colon cancer, the bits and pieces of preventative measures they mention often all point to colon cleansing.

The 2 most common recommendations:

1. Increase fiber intake-Colon cleanse products contain fiber from various plant sources as their main active ingredient to help you naturally cleanse your colon, and increasing fiber in the diet will help you to rid your body of toxic waste that has built up within your colon.
2. Get Regular Screenings-Secondly, getting a colonoscopy screening involves getting an enema beforehand. Enemas are a clinical way to cleanse your colon and involve a high pressure stream of water inserted into the rectum in order to clear your colon of debris that would get in the way of the camera that is needed to conduct the colonoscopy.


So without advertently saying it, what scientists recommend as a preventative measure for colon cancer is a colon cleanse. These cleanses can be conducted in three primary ways, an in-house colon cleanse involving a high fiber diet and house-hold ingredients, teas, smoothies, and soups; a colon cleanse product can be extremely useful as well because they contain the scientifically amounts of the ingredients that are going to clean out your colon, or you can get a professional cleanse at a health care facility or clinic. Any way you decide to cleanse your colon is going to be beneficial as it removes excess toxic waste from your body that can potentially lead to colon cancer.

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