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Pure Cleanse Review

If you’ve been feeling bogged down because of an unhealthy diet, Pure Cleanse wants to help. Advertised as both a colon cleanser and a slimming pill, Pure Cleanse is said to improve digestion and blood pressure while delivering higher stores of energy.

Most people could use a boost these days, so I decided to check out what Pure Cleanse had to offer.

The Pure Cleanse Website

As children, we’re told that first impressions are often misleading, but that’s hardly the case in the dietary supplement industry. In fact, a product’s website can often tell us a lot about the product itself.

Unfortunately for Pure Cleanse, isn’t putting an impressive foot forward.

The Pure Cleanse website looks like it’s been written by a robot. With headings like “Benefits which determine your Health,” and “Avail your Slimming Formula today,” I’m fairly confident this website wasn’t created with a great deal of attention.

Furthermore, doesn’t offer any specifics about the product and the actual “Buy Now” link connects you to a site for the colon cleanser Bowtrol.

Pure Cleanse Manufacturers

Given the disastrous state of the Pure Cleanse website, I was eager to know who makes Pure Cleanse. Often, the manufacturers’ reputation in the industry can tell us a lot about their product.

Determining who makes Pure Cleanse was a difficult process. A search for the owners of the domain showed the domain was expired. Figuring that because the site linked to Bowtrol, the same company might own both products, I then investigated Bowtrol. It was another dead end. is owned by a domain registrar, which protects client information and makes it impossible to trace. However, an “About Us” on the Bowtrol website gave me a clue.

I’ve seen this same “About Us” text on multiple websites and have been able to track it back to GSCM Ventures, a company based in Burbank, California. GSCM Ventures has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau and has an alert on file for poor business practices.

In particular, GSCM Ventures participates in the popular scam of signing users up for a “free trial,” which actually turns out to be an auto-ship program. Under this scheme, users are charged for a fresh supply of the product every month. When customers discover this, they usually have a difficult time canceling their enrollment.

Of course, we can’t be sure that GSCM Ventures manufactures Pure Cleanse, but all signs seem to point in that direction. And if that’s the case, a disreputable manufacturer is strike 2 for Pure Cleanse.

Ingredients in Pure Cleanse

Pure Cleanse has a chance to redeem itself with its formula but unfortunately, the official website shares nothing about the product’s ingredients. tells us Pure Cleanse is a combination of vitamins and amino acids, but neglects to specify which vitamins and amino acids they are. Manufacturers promise energy and a better functioning digestive system, but without a list of ingredients, we’re left without a roadmap.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find any other information on Pure Cleanse ingredients through other websites. This tells me Pure Cleanse isn’t popular enough to have a wide user base or any degree of recognition in the colon cleansing industry.

The absence of any ingredients on the Pure Cleanse website also tells me GSCM Ventures doesn’t have a lot of confidence in their product, assuming they are the manufacturer. All of these circumstances are red flags regarding Pure Cleanse’s effectiveness.

Ordering Pure Cleanse

Despite offers of a free trial, there doesn’t seem to be a way to order Pure Cleanse through the official website. Clicking on anything that mentions ordering or claiming a free trial takes you to the Bowtrol website.

I’m guessing either Pure Cleanse was discontinued or there are some serious glitches on the Pure Cleanse website. Either way, it doesn’t seem to be possible to order Pure Cleanse at this time.

Even other websites like Amazon or eBay don’t have Pure Cleanse available. And frankly, that’s probably a good thing.

Recommendation on Pure Cleanse

Even if there was a way to order Pure Cleanse, I wouldn’t recommend it. Without solid ingredient information or reliable company backing, Pure Cleanse is a waste of time and money.

Let Pure Cleanse stand as a lesson on the cheap ways some supplement companies use to make a buck, and look elsewhere for a quality colon cleanser.

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