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Purecol Colon Cleanser Review

purecol colon cleanser

Purecol Colon Cleanser has been manufactured and marketed by Forza, the British nutritional supply company.

Since Forza has recently lowered its price for Purecol Colon Cleanser, we decided to take a closer look at this product to see if it’s worth investing in.

What Does Purecol Colon Cleanser Do?

According to its website, Purecol Colon Cleanser is supposed to clean your digestive system of all the toxic buildup that tends to accumulate there.

Unfortunately, it seems like Forza spends more time explaining why someone would need a colon cleanse than actually explaining how its product, Purecol Colon Cleanser actually works.

However, since they provide a list of some of their main ingredients we can see that Purecol Colon Cleanser is supposed to act more as a natural laxative than anything else.

What Does Purecol Colon Cleanser Have Going For It?

Another thing we gathered from looking at Purecol Colon Cleanser’s ingredients, was that they seem to have an all natural formula.

Ingredients like dandelion, rhubarb, parsley, aloe and senna might look like they belong more in an herbal tea bag than they do in a colon cleanser at a first glance.

Yet, even still, some of these ingredients are actually more potent than they might seem. Senna, for instance has actually been categorized as a stimulant laxative and has such been banned from over the counter laxatives.

Stimulant laxatives irritate the walls of the lower intestine and the colon, making them force waste through rather than allowing for natural flow. This has caused painful constipation, severe abdominal pains, gas and bloating.

Another ingredient, aloe, is most commonly known for its ability to soothe a painful sunburn. But aloe is also known banned by the FDA because of its ability to cause painful stomach aches and diarrhea.

Should I Try Purecol Colon Cleanser?

We’re definitely not impressed by the fact that Purecol Colon Cleanser includes ingredients that could be dangerous, but we also don’t like the fact that Forza doesn’t seem to provide much information for this product.

All in all, we think there are many colon cleansers out there that surpass Purecol Colon Cleanser.

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