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Resveratrol Revitalizing Cleanse Review

Resveratrol Revitalizing Cleanse is a colon cleanser that is not only supposed to give you all the health benefits of a colon cleanser like ridding your body of harmful toxins and intestinal buildup, but this product also claims to be able to “aid in weight loss, improve energy and fight many diseases associated with aging.”

What Does Resveratrol Revitalizing Cleanse Have Going For It?

Not only does it contain ingredients that have been used and proven in other colon cleansers, but Resveratrol Revitalizing Cleanse also draws upon the substance resveratrol to give you added health benefits. Found naturally in several plants, resveratrol is a stilbenoid that is produced when the plant is under attack by pathogens such as bacteria or fungi. Resveratrol has gotten a lot of publicity and attention for being the next big thing in health.

After one study showed resveratrol to be able to dramatically lower blood sugar in humans, after an extremely high dose of it, there have been almost countless studies done to quantify the effects of resveratrol. Although there have been many claims for resveratrol from products like Resveratrol Revitalizing Cleanse, claiming that it combats aging, aids in weight loss, or even cures cancer. None of these claims, however, have been proven in clinical research studies.

Should I Try Resveratrol Revitalizing Cleanse?

Not only does Resveratrol Revitalizing Cleanse tout benefits that have not been proven by science, but they also include ingredients that have been banned by the US Food And Drug Administration. The ingredient, cascara sagrada, is used in Resveratrol Revitalizing Cleanse even though it has been shown to cause serious abdominal pains, gas, bloating and even diarrhea in those who use it. For this reason, it was banned from all over the counter laxatives in 2004. Any product that would use ingredients that will cause you pain does not deserve your business.

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