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The Colonblow Review

An all natural colon cleansing kit, The Colonblow is designed to target and eliminate long term waste with both capsules and a powder for a real “full body detox.” The Colonblow claims to be a no-nonsense, all natural, and aggressive product meant to “blow” out your colon. They use a proprietary formula to target long term waste and like to think that you can see success here.

The only reason to use a proprietary blend with a colon cleanser is to distract customers from seeing the fact that you don’t actually have any colon cleansers and the fact that even if you did, you don’t use high enough amounts. As expected, The Colonblow follows those exact stipulations. They have only a few ingredients, an extremely small blend, and none of worth.

The Colonblow is apparently really desperate to maximize profit, because they use cheap ingredients that have no application to colon cleansing. Colon cleansing ingredients that do work are relatively affordable for the manufacturer. They provide a powder and pills. But none of that matters when the ingredients don’t work.

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