Why Colon Cleanse?

is colon cleansing necessary

In your search to shed those extra pounds, you may have stumbled across this popularly used statistic:

“According to experts, Toxic Build up is a MAJOR reason for excess weight gain! In fact, over 70% of all people can point to toxic buildup as their #1 reason for weight gain!

Toxins can accumulate in the body’s major organs from normal activities like eating, drinking water, and even breathing.

Experts say toxic buildup can lead to slowing metabolism, causing fatigue, increased weight gain, and even lead to poor overall health… ”

Toxic buildup leads to weight gain?

So according to this statistic, you’re getting fat by simply breathing air? The concept is so entirely awful that it’s almost enough to want to invest in detoxifiers, colon cleansers, and other similar products to help “eliminate” those harmful toxins and excess waste.

But is colon cleansing, and all those extra trips to the restroom, really necessary?

The Theory behind Colon Cleansing

This statistic isn’t as new and surprising as many cleansers would have us believe. In fact, the theory of autointoxication is an ancient belief that can reach back as far as ancient Greece. Supposedly, undigested meat and other foods will buildup in your system, producing toxins. These toxins will then work their way into the blood’s circulation, poisoning the body and causing fatigue, headache, weight gain, and low energy.

By cleansing the colon, you’ll “naturally” rid yourself of excess baggage, resulting in speedy weight loss through elimination.

Is it Necessary?

is colon cleansing necessaryNot always. Your body already has an excellent digestive system in place. For the most part, the colon doesn’t need any “extra help” to do its job, and here are a few reasons why:

Although normal bowel movements vary between individuals, increasing that number won’t result in weight loss due to the fact that your body absorbs most of the calories before even reaching the large intestine.

Your liver aids in digestion, making proteins, and neutralizing toxins. Like a super filter, your liver decides what your body absorbs and what it doesn’t, and almost all of your body’s nutrients have to pass through your before passing through your heart.

Natural bacteria in the colon detoxify dietary wastes while mucus membranes in the colon keep harmful substances from reentering the bloodstream.

Your body has its own defense against harmful build up: the colon sheds old cells about every three days.

In the end (no pun intended), it’s what goes into your body that results in weight gain or loss, not what comes out.

A Healthier Alternative

Before you get bummed out on trying a new detox to lose weight, there are a few products that can help you shed those extra pounds naturally without the uncomfortable side-effects.

The best weight loss pills you can invest in are the one guaranteed to work-that way if you’re not satisfied with the results, you can simply return your purchase for a full refund. Colovexus is an excellent alternative to helping you lose the weight through its clinically proven ingredients such as Apple Pectin, Buckwheat Fiber, and Ginger Root. You can read more about Colovexus at the official website.

By incorporating fiber-rich foods into your diet and regularly exercising, not only will you have a healthier colon, but you can lose weight safely and naturally.

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