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Xxtra Clean

Xxtra Clean Review

Colon cleansers are a dime a dozen. What makes Xxtra Clean stand out? Detoxify designed this product for people with extra high toxin levels.

Toxins enter your body from the air, water, smoke, and food. People who consume poor diets or live in large cities are exposed to more toxins. So, a colon cleanser like Xxtra Clean could really come in handy. But is Xxtra Clean worth trying? Let’s find out…

What Benefits Does Xxtra Clean Provide?

Once they enter your body, toxins begin damaging cells. This causes faster aging, slower metabolism, impaired digestion, and poor colon health. Xxtra Clean contains unique ingredients not found in most colon cleansers.

Together, these ingredients expel toxins from your colon and your body. With toxins gone, Xxtra Clean’s ingredients reverse damage and improve colon function.

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The Xxtra Clean Ingredients

“You can enjoy a healthier, cleaner body with Detoxify Xxtra Clean,” says the company. Here are the ingredients that make it happen:

Fruit Pectin (107 mg) is insoluble fiber found in fruit peels. Fiber cleanses the colon, bulks stools, and promotes complete elimination. In addition, fruit pectin contains prebiotics, which protect good bacteria and balance intestinal flora. It may lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels as well. [1]

Proprietary Herbal Blend (1.5 g) contains ginseng root, burdock root, milk thistle, nettle leaf, and uva ursi. For years, ginseng has been used to improve overall health. It reduces stress, blood pressure, and blood sugar. Ginseng wards off fatigue and illness, too.

Burdock root is an herbal detox remedy. Besides fighting toxins, it increases inulin, which promotes probiotic growth. [2] Milk thistle cleanses the liver and improves its health. It’s so effective that people with liver disease are often prescribed milk thistle. [3]

Nettle leaf contains prostaglandins, which reduce inflammation. The stinging plant also controls hay fever and relieves allergy symptoms. Uva ursi is a diuretic that fights bladder infections. Due to its high tannin content, uva ursi kills bacteria and lessens inflammation.

Creatine Monohydrate (625 mg) is commonly used by bodybuilders. But what most people don’t know is: creatine helps your colon as well. In fact, creatine may prevent colon tumor growth.[4] One way it does this is by regulating normal cell growth so cancer does not spread. [5]

Those ingredients are just a sample. Xxtra Clean also contains:

• Vitamin D
• Riboflavin
• Biotin
• Folate
• Calcium
• Magnesium
• Zinc
• Chromium

…and many more vitamins and minerals

Is Xxtra Clean Safe?

The Xxtra Clean ingredients are safe for most people. Of course, people with allergies or sensitivities may experience problems. So, if you have these conditions, don’t use Xxtra Clean.

Creatine monohydrate is believed to cause stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, and muscle cramping. But these side effects do not affect everyone. What’s more, researchers have not proven creatine causes these side effects.

Because Xxtra Clean contains diuretics and cleansers, it increases urination and may cause digestive issues.

Customer Reviews

I found 3 sites with Xxtra Clean customer reviews: – 3 out of 5 stars – 17 reviews

Usually, Xxtra Clean receives excellent ratings. So, I was surprised to see such low ratings. I was even more surprised by what the negative reviews said. Each one was written by a person who used Xxtra Clean before trying to pass a drug test.

Apparently, Xxtra Clean “does not work” because all these people failed their drug tests. Hmmm. I’m not sure Xxtra Clean is the problem here.

5-star reviews were the majority. Most people said Xxtra Clean is a great cleanser and they recommend it. No one loves the taste though. They say it’s “tolerable.” – 4.1 out of 5 stars – 8 reviews

Only 1 person left a rating lower than 4 stars. “Nurse” said Xxtra Clean worked, but she didn’t like the test. The other 7 users only had good things to say about the colon cleanser.

“This worked exactly like they said, and I feel amazing,” commented Ernest Garfield. – 3.6 out of 5 stars – 11 reviews

Again, most users were thrilled with the results they got from Xxtra Clean. 7 users left glowing 5-star reviews. The 1 and 2-star reviews from 4 users involved failed drug tests again. I’m sensing a pattern here:

People use Xxtra Clean to pass drug tests. When they fail, they blame the colon cleanser.

Xxtra Clean is not advertised to help people pass a drug tests. It cleanses the digestive tract to improve health. So, just because someone failed a drug test doesn’t mean Xxtra Clean is an ineffective product.

Best Way to Use Xxtra Clean

Xxtra Clean is a 20 oz. drink. The colon cleanser is powerful, so you only need to use it once.

It’s best to use Xxtra Clean over a weekend. This way, any cleanse-related side effects won’t interfere with your regular schedule.

Shake Xxtra Clean well before drinking the entire bottle. Wait 15 minutes. Fill the bottle with water, shake well, and drink.

You will and should urinate frequently. This indicates Xxtra Clean is thoroughly cleansing your body.

Continue drinking water throughout the day to prolong Xxtra Clean’s cleansing effects.

How Much Does It Cost?

Xxtra Clean is fairly affordable, but not when you buy from The official website sells Xxtra Clean for $49.99! Fortunately, these sites sell it for much less:

• $15.29
• $17.59
• $18.99

The only site to offer a money back guarantee is The guarantee lasts 30 days. You get store credit rather than a cash refund.

I usually recommend buying products from sites that offer good guarantees. Since the official website does not, it’s not worth paying $30 extra to get Detoxify’s guarantee.

Is Xxtra Clean Worth Buying?

Xxtra Clean may not help you pass a drug test. But the formula’s nutrients, antioxidants, and diuretics cleanse harmful toxins from the body. Better digestion, more energy, faster metabolism, and anti-aging are just a few benefits from being toxin-free.

Most users like Xxtra Clean and say it works. Based on these reviews and the research, I think Xxtra Clean is a good buy.


[1] Knopp, RH, HR Superko, et al. “Long-term blood cholesterol-lowering effects of a dietary fiber supplement.” American Journal of Preventive Medicine. 17.1 (1999): 18-23.

[2] Li, D, JM Kim, et al. “Prebiotic effectiveness of inulin extracted from edible burdock.” Anaerobe. 14.1 (2008): 29-34.

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[5] Kristensen, CA, N Askenasy, et al. “Creatine and cyclocreatine treatment of human colon adenocarcinoma xenografts: P and H magnetic resonance spectroscopic studies.” British Journal of Cancer. 79. (1999): 278-285.

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